General Trading

General Trading

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TMETEK Global represents many products in the market based on the current market requirements. We represent many products, services and technologies through joint ventures and through our channel partners like distributors, vendors, retailers, consultants, systems integrators, technology deployment consultancies, and value-added resellers etc.

PVC Products

From our own manufacturing unit- Design to delivery.

TMETEK Global product range consists of products from our own manufacturing unit of quality PVC products. Now with several years of manufacturing experience, marketing design of innovative profile extrusion, we offer the most comprehensive product line in terms of PVC profiles, various types of skirting, and a wide range of PVC products. We also make customized PVC products based on our customers’ requirements.

We have the profiles for your design and needs considering the extrusion capability and wide range of material availability. We offer the most comprehensive product line in terms of PVC profiles and various types of skirting’s, interior fit out product for ceiling corners and wall corners in different colours& shades, wood finish, reflective finish etc.

PVC is a tough, durable versatile material available in clear to opaque colours with moderately lustrous finish. Rigid PVC can be used in both interior and exterior application. Flexible PVC has a rubber or leather like feel with good toughness and flexibility.

Safety Products

About us

TMETEK Global is a diversified business group based in the kingdom of Bahrain with branch offices in other GCC countries as well as in India, Canada & US.

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  Adress: PO Box 21934, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

  Telephone:+973 37790111                   +966 567009276


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